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Tuggerah Lake and Budgewoi Lake are two interconnected lakes on the Central Coast of NSW. They are divided by two narrow strips of land which jut out from the western and eastern shores so there is a narrow channel which allows the interchange of waters between the two lakes. This gap is spanned by Wallarah Point Bridge. On the western side of the bridge is Gorokan and on the eastern side is TOUKLEY, 107 km north of Sydney via the Newcastle Freeway.

Toukley is an expanding residential and holiday resort area of the Central Coast. The name is of indigenous origin but the original meaning is now uncertain. Two very different theories are that 'toukley' means 'many brambles', or that 'toukley ouckley' means 'rough on one side, smooth on the other', interpreted as referring to Tuggerah Lake and Budgewoi Lake. The last Aborigine to frequent Tuggerah Lake on his bark canoe was Billy Fawkner who died in 1875. He was known as 'the last of the Brisbane Water blackfellows', the remainder of his tribe killed by disease and dispossessed of their land by force.

The Toukley markets are held in Toukley Shopping Centre Carpark on Canton Beach Rd, every Sunday from 8-2.


May they rest in peace - Don Barber, Brian Bradford, David Carruthers, Robert Kernaghan, Athol McGann, Gordon Moore, Vorn Waples, John Wendon Alec McDonald, Max Dunn, Peter Foster Noel Walsh Paul Marshall George McPhann Dennis Cooper,Eric Anelzarc, John Lees


Canakkale Lions Club of MD 118, TurkeyIn recognition of the contribution of the Lions Clubs of Turkey, especially Lion Dr. Enzar Tore, in providing free web page hosting for Lions Clubs everywhere, the Lions Club of TOUKLEY Inc.  proudly displays the flag of Turkey on our site.
Click on the flag to go to the web site of Lion Dr. Enzar's home club - the Lions Club of Canakkale.

Bne Ekibin Lions of MD201, Australia

As an extension to the Turkish Lions' contribution, the Brisbane Ekibin Lions Club of MD 201 Q1 (Australia) offer assistance to Lions Clubs who want to take advantage of the Turkish Lions offer, but are not familiar with web publishing. They've already set up many sites for Lions Clubs world-wide, using Lionwap.
If your club wants to be on the internet, and would like some help, leave a message in the Ekibin Guest Book by clicking on the image above.  This is a FREE SERVICE, so you don't spend a cent for their work. As Lionwap is also FREE, this means you get a web site that you NEVER have to pay for. - Is that a deal or what?
All your Club has to do it have some-one update and maintain your page, which needs not take more than a few minutes each month. The Ekibin Lions will even give you some tips on that!

 In December 2009 we commenced an internet Kiosk,which is a service to senior citizens to learn the basic skills of working with a computer, this tutoring is free of charge, and all you have to do is book a time which is convenient and attend our lions centre-18 ray street toukley.